Cooling System Flushing – We Do It!

Posted by Clay 

Flushing Boy

Well…not really this kind of flushing, but the concept is the same!

We start by attaching the hoses from the coolant flushing machine to several places in the cooling system and then use the pressure from the machine to shove out the old coolant and crud suspended in it. The flush process takes about 3 hours, including time to allow the hot engine to cool first. A cooling system flush, though, will not usually cure an immediate overheating problem due to plugging.

Most radiators today are small, made of lightweight aluminum, and crammed so tightly in the front of the car you can barely see it. The inside of the radiator is made up of a honey comb maze of tubes that sends the hot antifreeze on a long meandering journey inside the radiator.

The majority of the rust, dirt and sediment will be trapped at the bottom of the radiator, and we will not be able to remove enough of this compacted material to make any real significant difference in cooling ability of the system. A flush will, however, remove suspended sludge before it can settle and become compacted. Calcium and rust build up within the tubes are the main causes of radiator stoppages, and will likely cause over-heating. Also, the additives in the antifreeze deplete and break down with time and mileage and should be replaced with fresh coolant.

At some shops the term “flushing” the cooling system has been replaced with “draining and refilling” the cooling system. Removing the lower radiator hose or radiator drain cock to drain out the old antifreeze and replace with the new fluid is essentially “draining and refilling the cooling system.” This of course will only remove old contaminated fluid, along with any minor surface debris. If the radiator IS stopped up, removal of the radiator from the car for rodding-out and rebuilding, or replacing the radiator are really the only two viable options.

There are many “radiator flush” additives on the market, There are very few cooling system problems that can be solved by the contents of a can.
Flushing your auto radiator and installing new coolant every two to three years WILL help maintain and extend the life of your vehicle, but will probably NOT cure a major over-heating problem.


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