New RadiatorsNew Radiator Inventory

We offer low prices on thousands of new radiators in stock ! You can replace your radiator yourself at home, or we will replace it for you. Either way you’ll be amazed at our low prices. See our locations page and call the store nearest you – or call them all, we’d love to hear from you!

  • Replacement Radiators
  • Performance Radiators
  • Aluminum Radiators
  • Radiator Cores

Radiator Repair

We offer full service radiator repair.

  • Leak repair: We inspect radiator leaks and can suggest whether or not the radiator may be repaired
  • Clean and repair: The radiator is cleaned externally and internally by immersion. It is then inspected and repaired as needed.
  • Rod-out and repair: One tank is removed and a rod is inserted into each tube to remove debris. The radiator is reassembled and tested.
  • Re-core: This technique uses existing tanks with a new core.
  • Plastic radiator tank and gasket replacements: The radiator is placed in a special fixture to detach the damaged tank and/or gasket. The tank and/or gasket is replaced with a readily available new or restored part.

Cooling System ServiceCoolant System Specialists

Proper maintenance of the cooling system is very important to the life of the engine and the trouble free operation of the cooling system in general.

  • Complete Coolant System Flush
  • Complete cooling system repair, including water pump replacement and intake gasket replacement
  • Extended Life Coolant Replacement
  • Proactive Cooling System Checkup

Auto A/C Service

  • New A/C Parts
  • New Air Conditioning Condensers
  • Air Conditioning Condenser Repair
  • Complete A/C System Repair

Fuel Tank Repairfuel tank repair

We repair metal fuel tanks by several methods, depending on the nature of the fault. A punch hole may repaired by soldering or welding. A perforation due to rust usually requires that an internal liner be installed to repair the gas tank. A fuel tank off an antique vehicle may need to be vatted to remove varnish, crust, or crud.

  • Fuel Tank Dipping
  • Leaks Repaired
  • Liners Installed – Internal And External
  • Custom Modifications